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The Holiday Season Is Approaching!

  We all work so hard in business and deserve our holidays, yet how do you have a holiday when you work alone, or have limited staff? The There is a way to minimalise the work interruptions on holiday – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! A number of our...

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I Love You!

How often do you ask your clients for feedback? At I'm Your P.A. we do like to know what our clients think, it helps us to improve our service and to reward staff. As Valentine's Day is all about love, I have decided to share some of the recent feedback from our...

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Farewell 2018 – you were a good year after all!

We ended 2017 by losing £72,000 a year turnover due to two large clients employing staff and then when I broke my shoulder in January I thought this was going to be a bad year, in fact it has been an amazing year and I have learned so much which means 2019 stands to...

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Preparing for 2019

So Christmas is nearly upon us, our busiest time of the year is almost over, we have booked thousands of chimney sweeps, gas fire services and boiler services, so what next? Many of our clients are starting to look at some of the admin work and appointment booking...

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We’re all going on a summer holiday

I bet you just started singing to that lol! Summer is the time of year when most people take a holiday, the problem is that when you are in business it really isn’t that easy, who answers the phone, who follows up on emails? So many business owners end up taking their...

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I Hate Being Single – You Don’t Have To Be!

Funny isn’t it, many people become self employed or start their own businesses because they hate working for someone, yet when they are their own boss, they hate being single! This is the story of Stuart Stuart was a very successful businessman heading up a multi...

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We lose 20% of our clients every year!

Most businesses would not share such a statistic, but for us this is one we are really proud of! The thing is, every year we lose 20% of our clients as we have helped them grow to the point that they need to take on a full time employee – we consider this a real...

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You have reached the O2 voicemail! Aaargh!

  Don’t you just hate it? You dial a number and get through to a non-personalised voicemail? Here are a few harsh facts for you regarding voicemails: 85/100 people reaching a voicemail on a business number will hang up and call a competitor* 68/100 people that do...

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Your One Stop Shop!

Lots has been happening at I’m Your P.A. and things are about to improve again! Firstly we look forward to welcoming Tasha back after maternity leave, where did that ten months go?! Our new website is now live, and we will be adding some more exciting bits to this...

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