Small businesses often use call answering or call handling companies, it is a great way to ensure that potential business calls are not missed,
so what is the difference?

Why risk driving and handling all your calls?

Most call answering companies vs I’m Your P.A.

Often call answering companies work to a script, you the client define what you want to be said each time your call is answered. They will take the message according to your script and send it on to you, it is then up to you as to how you proceed. That is often sufficient, however that we can do so much more!

At I’m Your P.A. we do  something with the incoming call, we transfer the call to a member of your team, book an appointment, process an order, update a CRM system with the information, or whatever you want us to do with the call – in other words we don’t just take a message.

What is the problem with using a script?

Imagine you have called the company for the third time that day – often happens, but each time you get the same script, very quickly you will realise that you are through to some sort of call centre, so the game has been given away.

Firstly, we never use a script, every call is treated differently, this makes it far more difficult to work out that the call is being answered by a third party. Secondly, we will do whatever the client wants us to do with the call, book appointment, process order etc.

Finally, once that message has been sent, we are more than happy for the client to return the message with instructions as to what they want to do next.
This means that whilst the clients of the call answering and call handling companies must deal with all their own messages,

our clients can decide on the next stage and pass it back for someone else to do the work – thus freeing up their own time to work on their business.

Many businesses do not require the level of service we provide, that’s fine too – the only thing we won’t do is to stick to a given script, bullet points are fine, we like to make sure that every caller is treated as an individual.