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We help with the calls whilst you work

Unable to have a full-time receptionist?

Frustrated at dealing with voicemails?

Constantly dealing with interruptions?

Meet Jane The Physiotherapist

Jane runs a busy clinic, has a part time receptionist and is constantly having to follow up on email and telephone enquiries. Patients are often calling to check appointment times, reschedule appointments or to advise they are running late. Often there are reports to send, payments to take and follow up calls to make. Ideally Jane needs a full-time receptionist, but the workload is not there to warrant it.

Jane you can have a full-time virtual assistant, but you only pay for the minutes you need as you use them each day. Everything is possible, your time can be spent giving the wonderful care and support that you are known for.

At I’m Your P.A. we often recruit staff from the care sector, they know how to deal with your patients, understand their fears, frustrations and needs.

By dealing with calls and emails, sorting appointments, even guiding patients into the surgery, we will free up your time to focus on your patients.

Over the years we have worked with numerous patient software systems such as Cliniko and Jane, booking and rescheduling appointments, adding new patients, even taking payments.

Our client range of practitioners consists of Surgeons and Counsellors, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Chiropodists and NLP Practitioners.


Let us remove the interruptions caused by phone calls, emails and admin tasks, allowing you to do your job and live the lifestyle you dreamed about when you started the business.

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