Don’t want your home address listing at Companies House?
Concerned about having a home address on your website and leaflets?

There is another way.

Virtual Addresses

Business Address

For a small fee each month you can have a registered address with us.
Use the address to appear office based rather than home based.
Have your mail sent to us, we can open and scan it to you or deal with it.

Virtual Office

Why not combine a business address with call handling?
We can provide a Wolverhampton address and a phone number to go with it. We can then answer your calls and deal with the customer enquiries.

Why would you want a virtual office?

Sarah started her business whilst living in Wolverhampton, the business has grown and now she lives between Vienna and Wales, no longer has a physical office, and manages her work / life balance by working from wherever she is.

Sarah has an address and phone number with us, and no-one knows anything has changed. We have Sarah’s back!

Harry runs a construction business with no physical office address as he is always on site. Whilst he can manage all his paperwork from home, he doesn’t want to advertise his home address.

Harry uses us for the business address and we scan any post across to him. Don’t worry Harry – we have your back!

Pick up the phone and call us on 01902 585222, drop us an email to or click on the button below and fill in the form – we will come back to you.