Our mission is to support businesses to become more productive and efficient. The journey should be fun, profitable, and rewarding for our staff, clients, suppliers, and their respective families.

Michele Ibbs Founder of I’m Your P.A

What is I’m Your P.A?

We are a trusted, professional business support – the seamless extension to your team.

I’m Your P.A. are here to support any business to reach their full potential by filling in the gaps you and any existing staff are struggling to cover. we create time for the business owner and current staff to concentrate on the things that make them money.

How we help our clients

By answering calls, booking appointments, managing diaries, following up on quotes, chasing outstanding invoices and many other admin tasks, we minimise interruptions and free up the valuable time of others within your business. Your time can be spent working on or in your business, focussing on the growth, detailed work, deadlines or even taking time out to recharge your batteries.

You will be placed with one of our teams within I’m Your P.A.

Team Ewok
for trades

Team Yoda
for call handling

Team R2D2
for messages

Your trusted virtual assistants will get to know your business, your clients and what works best for you.

We’ve got your back

We understand that running a business can sometimes be like riding a hungry tiger, you can’t stop and get off for fear of it eating you. Having a team that look out for you, care about you and are there to support you makes all the difference.

With I’m Your P.A. we are there to help you grow, manage, and systemise your business so it doesn’t take over your life and that of your family. Every business owner deserves quality time for themselves and their family.

Why I’m Your P.A. is more than your average Virtual Assistant

When I set the business up in 2007, I quickly realised I couldn’t do it alone. Taking on associates meant working with other Virtual Assistants who would always put their own clients first – I wanted my clients to be number one!

My background is nursing, so looking after people is very important to me. Having left nursing, I worked for 11 years in sales before being thrown in the deep end managing and growing my ex-husbands steel processing business – so I really do get the pain we go through as business owners.

Over the last 15 years I’m Your P.A. has grown to a team of 15 employed staff who work from our Midland based offices, supporting over 240 businesses, many of our clients have worked with us for 10 plus years.

If you want a team of trusted people to work with you, connect you and help you – you have come to the right place.

I believe personal and business values are important in everything we do in life, Honesty, Kindness, and Humour are the core values of I’m Your P.A. and its staff. My staff will care about you and your business, your clients, and your quality of life – we are genuinely interested in YOU!

Not sure where to start?

It’s simple! Pick up the phone call 01902 585222 and speak to us, drop us an email to info@imyourpa.co.uk or fill in the enquiry form – tell us your pain, we will find you a solution.