Hinton Pest Control love us!

I'm Your PA - Virtual AssistantWe always love getting great feedback from our clients, below is the testimonial from a very happy Pest Control client.
Hinton Pest Control Ltd starting working with I’m Your PA in July 2021 and I wanted to let you know how it has gone, from our perspective.
It was with some trepidation that I ventured into sub-contracting to a company that offers a service, such as I’m Your PA.  Previously I have always employed and trained members of staff to handle our telephone calls and book jobs in for our team of technicians.  Then a member of staff left our team, with wasp season looming.  Our office can handle up to 50 calls per day during wasp season and therefore we needed additional support.  You were recommended to me by Doug D’Aubrey from Executive Training and Consultancy Limited, so I contacted James Cunnington, General Manager of I’m Your P.A. –   and I’m very glad I did!
I have never been invoiced on a price per second.  Realistically I had no idea of what a monthly invoice would amount to when billed by the second.  I have been pleasantly surprised by your monthly invoices.  To put this into perspective, I’m Your P.A. have handled calls, scheduled & booked in work each month which equates to five times the value of I’m Your P.A.’s monthly invoice.
I have learnt that if a caller can leave a voicemail, they often choose not to, and that is not only a missed sales opportunity, but it often leaves a negative impression of the company you are trying to contact.  Our phones ring in the office and if the phones are busy or unanswered within three rings, they get transferred through to I’m Your P.A.  When a potential client can “speak” with someone, the call is far more likely to be converted into a sale.
We put together learning material for your team prior to go live, focusing primarily on the public health pests of the month e.g., rats, mice, wasps, fleas etc.  And your team received phone calls about bumble bees, badgers and bats all in their first few days!  They coped remarkably well and handled not only the enquiry, but they were also sensitive to our clients’ needs and their emotions.  This is important to us as many of our callers are very distressed when they reach out to us for help.  Phobias can cause a myriad of emotions, attitudes and behaviours in people and some of our calls are tricky to handle.  I’m Your P.A. have truly understood the differences between our commercial contract clients and our domestic clients.  Your team have taken it all in their stride and communication has been superb between I’m Your P.A., our clients and our team.
I’m Your P.A. has also created a greater resilience for our company for example sick leave and annual leave are now no longer such a pressure on our office staff, as we have I’m Your P.A. working as a seamless extension of our team.  Back in July, I had the intention of sub-contracting I’m Your P.A. for the duration of wasp season, our busiest time of year.  However, I have had time to review the services that I’m Your PA offers and Hinton Pest Control Ltd, would be delighted to continue working with you.  Please thank Team IYPA from #InsectGeek
To contact Hinton Pest Control Limited go to https://www.hintonpestcontrol.co.uk or call their helpline on 01386 41762 or follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HintonPest/
For more information about how I’m Your P.A. can help you and your business please call us on 01902 585222 or email us at info@imyourpa.co.uk