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Who Networks On Holiday?

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Business networking is just for business – isn’t it? Nooooo!
I have so many stories surrounding networking and holidays, BNI colleagues who were helped home during the 2010 Ash Cloud disaster, 4N members who use their “4N Passport” the other side of the world in Australia. BoB Club members who use their network across the world to find out the best places to go.
Networking is so much more than meeting for a meal or drinks to try and drum up a bit of business, it is all about building relationships and these can be business and social. 4 Networking advertises that it’s network is 50% business and 50% social – and it works!
Over the years I have been networking I have visited so many different networking groups whilst I have been away from home, it’s great, you get to meet the local people who really know the area and can tell you all the best places to go! But it’s actually even more than that!
I have come across networkers who have organised foreign exchange trips for their children, all through their networking contacts. Then there are those people who have some sort of misfortune whilst they are on holiday – who do you turn to? Well there is every chance that if your network is represented somewhere locally, you will find help. Of course there is also the chance that you will get to support others from across the globe – more interesting people to build relationships with. Of course if your business can work outside your local area, there is every chance that you can actually get business opportunities too!
So next time you are planning time in another part of the country or the world, have a look to see if your network is represented there and get in touch. I know my own trip to walk The Grand Canyon in 2013 was totally supported by members of my network, they were a God send – and when things went a bit wrong, they were also there for our families.
Make the most of your network – even on holiday!