We’ve doubled our staff!

Well that was a month and a half!
This month we welcomed five new team members who have joined us through the Kickstart initiative, we will be welcoming a further four beginning of July, so busy, busy, busy.
Whilst we will be training the new team in call handling, diary management, customer service and much more; they will also be doing work for our clients and network colleagues for FREE! We are asking for small projects where we can support you and your business, these can be research, copy typing, database cleansing, customer service calls, the only thing we don’t do is telesales.
We are very grateful to Tristan Martin at TL Martin IT Services for the training he will be giving on IT security, Mark Northall from MarkNorthall.com for the social media guidance, Claire Lawton from Acorn Support for all her HR advice and working with the team to help them to become fantastic employees. Diane Vernon from Employability UK – are the team who have pulled all this together and will be carrying out all the audits and training for the project.
The young people who have started with us are enthusiastic, keen to learn and a pleasure to work with. Someone asked me why I would do this, yes, it is hard work! I believe when we look back on our life we can all spot times when we were given a chance, where someone just took a punt and gave us a break – that is what we are doing, giving people a break. The last 15 months have been tough for so many businesses, we have been very lucky to grow and keep all our staff, so hopefully now we can help other businesses to grow and create more jobs in the process.
If there is some support that we can give you and your business, please get in touch with either myself or James (michele@imyourpa.co.uk or james@imyourpa.co.uk ) let’s see if we can help. Who knows maybe we are training someone to become your next outstanding employee?