V.A. LiveWebChat

After looking at every system under the sun, we have finally launched V.A. LiveWebchat – and I love it!
The simple widget can be added to your website or Facebook page and allows us to build rapport with visitors to your sites.
Previously when we have looked at this we have seen horrendous charges running into £1000s and knew that would never work for our client base. Finally we have come up with a pricing structure which makes it affordable for most people – and we have a 25% introductory discount!
The V.A. LiveWebchat can be quickly customised to fit in with the colour of your website, it can be used pro-actively too. When someone goes to your website we can see where in the world they are from and which page of your website they are on, so it is easy to be able to ask questions and start building the relationship.
Imagine a visitor going to your site and we can instantly start a chat, it has been reported that live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat and a 40% increase in conversion rate. Everything starts immediately and doesn’t wait until the visitor picks up the phone.
We can set up prechat surveys to qualify the lead. Each transcript can be emailed to you for action, or we can pick it up and book appointments or answer simple queries on your behalf. There are so many things that are possible with V.A. LiveWebchat
So how much will it cost?

Package Monthly charge Chats included Additional chats
Starter £30   £1.50
Bronze £50 20 £1.50
Silver £75 40 £1.50
Gold £100 60 £1.50
Platinum £160 100 £1.50

Bespoke packages are available for larger users and also for franchisors wishing to cover all their franchisees.
For our clients that also subscribe to call handling, there is a discount of £10 per month off the monthly charge.
That’s not all! For the first 30 clients signing up before the 31st May 2020 there will be no monthly charge for May and 25% discount off the monthly charge for June, July and August – so now is the best time to trial this system.
For more information please call Michele on 01902 585222 or sign up now by clicking here