Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Torquay Adventures

Time for a new adventure, my Mummy told me we were going to Torquay so we could do more training for her coast-to-coast walk!
WOOF! I was so excited, but first… the groomers. I was so pleased, because my coat was getting long, and I knew I would probably need a bath every day if I didn’t go! (and I am not too keen on baths). So off to the groomers I went, Mummy promised I would soon be back with her and before I knew it, I came out smelling and looking like a pampered pooch.
I popped quickly into the office with Mummy to show of my freshly groomed coat to everyone and get a few last cuddles before our big adventure started!
Saturday morning soon come around, I jumped in the car and we were off! We picked my best mate Rosie 2 up on the way and we slept most of the journey, so it seemed like we had arrived pretty fast! The sun was shining so bright, and when the suns out I am a happy dog! (snow and rain are huge no’s.)
We walked here, there and everywhere, but not just normal walking… PAVEMENT walking which I  am not keen on as it makes my paws hurt, so Mummy put my special pink boots on, I LOVE my pink boots. I will let you in on a secret though – I caught Mummy shopping online for me and she is ordering me some little trainers, I can’t wait to get them!
There were so many new things to see and smell, Rosie 2 and I met some new furry friends down on the beach, I played with them for a few minutes before running off and Rosie 2 barked at them and ran off – we were both in trouble that day! (Note to self, do not run off from Mummy!)
Every day was different I loved running for miles and miles through the woodlands, enjoying ice cream by the sea and of course warm cuddles every night with Mummy, resting ready for the next day’s adventures.
Mummy bought me a beautiful new pink harness and collar, it smelt a bit new though, so just as we were about to leave, I decided to roll in some dog poo! I thought it was funny, I don’t think Mummy agreed! I ended up going in the river for a bath, I guess they didn’t want me smelling all the way home. Anyway, I have christened my new collar and harness now, so it doesn’t feel so new.
Torquay is such a pretty seaside town full of other playful pups like me!! I have really enjoyed my time there with Rosie 2, Auntie Tina and Mummy, I cannot wait for our next adventure together, the next one is camping 
Now it is back to the office to see everybody I’ve missed them all so much, and I guess I need to practice fetching the post again. We are getting new staff too (more cuddles) Brooke is the first one and she really likes me, she has dogs too, so her cuddles are dead good! If ever you fancy a walk, let Mummy know and we can all meet up, – don’t forget to bring the treats though, ginger biscuits are still my favourites, although I have got quite a taste for Port Salut cheese now too. Treats and cuddles and I will love you forever.
Bye for now.
Rosie xx