Teamwork makes the dream work !

Hi, I’m James and I’m a part of the Kickstart team at I’m Your P.A, this is my first job since leaving school. I joined in early July and love every second working here. The team love to get to know you and are extremely welcoming. There is also a varied workload and two days are never the same, making you want to come in as you never know what you will be doing.
The Kickstart staff uses teamwork on a daily basis, we all trust each other and trust the information each other provide-now this means the team has grown closer and we work efficiently. We all work together with ease to get the work completed. We can ask each other anything and everyone will happily help, leading to tasks and objectives being completed faster. We all have different amounts of knowledge on different aspects of the business, for example, I was struggling on how to transfer a call and a member of the Kickstart team promptly showed me how to do so, meaning that the customer was happy as there was no delay in their call being handled. By working as a team and getting along with each other, we have become a close-knit family that can rely on each other.
Kickstart has helped me in many ways, in particular helping with my confidence because I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone and completed tasks I’ve never done before. It has also helped my confidence grow because I am speaking to multiple different people daily. I also speak to others about myself in a business networking group every Friday. The training that I received first was how to answer the phones and transfer them (which at first I was worried about) but with help and assurance from the team I was no longer worried and was capable of answering the phones. I was then added to a couple projects which I really enjoyed completing, as I get stuck into them and put my own spin on them. From completing my project work it allows me to understand different businesses and how they operate, this means that I will get a wide knowledge of different businesses, then see how they can gain more clients. I have also been doing a social media project which I didn’t expect to understand at first, but when showed how to make the posts I really enjoyed it and now understand how to make them and make them unique to the specific business.
I am looking forward to developing my skills and techniques while I am part of the Kickstart team and seeing where this will take me in the development of my career.