Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Rosie’s Roamings – it’s nearly Christmas!

Rosie is getting so excited – it’s nearly Christmas!
All the Christmas trees are up at home and the work ones go up this week. Of course, this time of year brings Rosie her a whole lot of other fun.
As you know Rosie is a pretty cream Cockapoo, perfect for walking this time of year! Imagine Rosie’s delight when we went for a walk down the old railway track, so many dirty, muddy puddles to run through – Rosie came back black!
As a Cockapoo she is one of the breeds that we have to be careful when walking this time of year as snow and ice stick to her hair and can cause problems with her paws. Lumps of ice often end up being mixed with rock salt which has been put down by the council, also gravel and debris can build up between her pads and toes which is very painful. We have to remember that rock salt and chemicals laid down by the council are toxic, so we have to make sure that she doesn’t chew off the ice on her paws as she could end up eating the salt and chemicals which can cause dehydration, liver failure and pancreatitis. We will be visiting the grooming parlour to make sure her paw hairs get an extra trim to stop snow and ice from sticking to her delicate little paws.
There is another way, but please don’t spoil Rosie’s surprise, she has some lovely little pink boots coming for Christmas to protect her little paws! She will actually walk in boots and on some of her longer walks this is a great way to protect her pads, but having some pretty pink waterproof boots is rather special 🙂
One thing that we will be very careful with this year is hiding the mince pies! Rosie is rather partial to mince pies, but they really do not agree with dogs. A couple of years ago, with the help of Harold our Burmese cat, Rosie managed to gain access to 5 mince pies and ate the lot. The next few days were very worrying as she was very sick, so now we keep all the Christmas cakes and mince pies securely shut away. So a final message from Rosie, please make sure that you keep all your fruity treats away from the pets!
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Don’t forget you are always welcome to drop into the office and visit Rosie, she loves to welcome all the visitors