Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Rosies Roamings – The Story Of A Rescue Pup

Rosie and I have now been together for 4 years, she is my first ever dog and has taught me so much. As a rescue dog who had been caged for the first four years of her life, she came to me very frightened and definitely not house trained.
The first few weeks were the most challenging and I really thought I had made a massive mistake. Not only did she wee and poop anywhere and everywhere, she didn’t know how to climb stairs, had no idea what a treat was and lay down and physically shook every time I put her on a lead!
Over the months I gained her trust, now we are pretty much inseperable, and yes she is pretty spoilt! Her love for me is unconditional, and the joy she gives me is immense. Where I used to be a big one for fancy foreign holidays, now I much prefer a week in a cottage with my friend Tina and her rescue Rosie 2 (well she is also called Rosie, so we had to identify them somehow!). We spend all our time walking and watching the dogs run, play and get into mischief, before crashing out in their beds whilst we play Rummikub and drink Prosecco, these holiday memories are the most precious I have ever experienced.
I cannot believe it has been four years, I look at my confident pooch, who greets everyone with a waggy tail,
waits when I tell her and (normally) comes back to me to the click of fingers, and I understand why people say the love of a dog is unconditional. I can honestly say that Rosie has changed my life in many ways for the better, on a bad day she gives me a reason, her waggy tail makes me smile, her trust makes me feel loved, but to be honest, I really don’t get many bad days any more. In a morning when Rosie pops her paws on the side of the bed to say good morning, I just know it’s going to be a great day!