Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Rosie’s Autumn Roamings

Rosie loves this time of year, lots of walks and loads of mud to play in! What is it with dogs? They see a muddy puddle and they just have to jump in. The other thing I always notice is that Rosie has selective hearing throughout the Autumn, this is down to squirrels and pheasants that just seem to grab her attention! So what has Rosie got planned for December?……….
Rosie loves December as so many clients pop in and say hello, often bringing her a little treat, but the best part of December is the Olive Circle Foundation Christmas parcel delivery. As Rosie is such a gentle little girl, when I go out delivering all the beautiful gifts around Midlands based nursing homes to old people who never get visitors, Rosie accompanies me. The nursing homes often have a number of old people with dementia who love to have a cuddle with Rosie, they all love her.
There will also be some networking to attend, we have two more meetings of 4N Walsall evening where Rosie can normally be seen welcoming members and visitors alike, feel free to come along and say hello.
As we enter the winter months one final note from Rosie, please be careful when walking dogs after gritting, those little paws do need a good wash afterwards. Unfortunately, whilst salt and grit reduces the risks of icy roads to humans, the material does nothing to enhance the safety of our pets and can even pose a health risk. Pet owners should watch their animals carefully when they are out and about in public places in case the animals try to gobble up the salt. It is also a good idea to wipe pets’ paws after they have been outside to remove residual salt. It is important to check for redness between animals’ toes and for cracks in paw pads. A vet should be consulted immediately if it is suspected that an animal has ingested a toxic substance. So please do make sure you look after your pooches
Love Rosie xx