Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Rosie brings Christmas cheer

I had a brilliant end to the year, so many people dropped into this office to see me – and they brought treats! However the best bits were my trips out with Mummy around the nursing homes and Compton Care. I know I am a good natured dog and used to being constantly surrounded and fussed by people, so really it is never a problem taking me to new places.
The Tuesday before Christmas we piled over 60 gifts from the Olive Circle Foundation into Mummy’s car  and set off on our deliveries. Unfortunately we couldn’t go in to every home due to time constraints and meal times, however the ones we did visit everyone loved me. Mummy says that gentle dogs are a great stimulant for dementia patients and older people in general, and a dog in an elf outfit – well that’s extra special!
On Wednesday 19thDecember Mummy’s BNI group did a dress as Santa day and took gifts to Compton Care (Formerly Compton Hospice), this year for the first year ever, I was allowed to go. We spent time in the day centre where a number of the patients patted and fussed me, but the exceptional memories  happened on the ward.
Mummy, Tristan and I were invited to go round the wards and the experience was magical. There were some very poorly patients, all end of life care, yet as Mummy took me in to greet them in my little elf suit, their faces lit up. I think it is fair to say that none of them were interested in Santa, I completely stole the show! Several of the patients and their relatives asked for photos with me, Mummy lifted me up to them and as they smiled and stroked me, the staff took the photos as requested. Mummy and I came away knowing that for some families these would realistically be the last photos of their loved ones, but what a treasured keepsake, a picture of them looking lovingly at me and big smiles all round.
For Mummy and I those two days around the homes and in Compton Care are the true meaning of Christmas, bringing a smile to someone’s face. Happy New Year and big loves from me and I look forward to seeing you next year – feel free to drop by with a treat <3