TL Martin Ltd

TLMartin provides full-service IT support, including IT maintenance, security and hosting. As a small business, providing a personal service that focuses on going the extra mile helps owner and Managing Director Tristan Martin stand out from the competition. Before working with I’m Your PA, Tristan diverted all his calls to his mobile and handled all his admin and IT support queries.

“As we provide such a technical service, I honestly didn’t think a call handling service or virtual PA would work for my business. Then, when I saw what I’m Your PA did first-hand, I quickly saw the benefits” says Tristan Martin, Managing Director, TLMartin Ltd.

“On a routine IT call-out to the [I’m Your PA] office, I couldn’t help but overhear how professional the team were. They didn’t sound like a ‘call centre’ – which I admittedly mistook them for – they sounded like employed staff of the various businesses they were working for. I was so impressed that at the end of the day, I handed over my businesses details, signed the contract and became a client.”

Working with I’m Your PA

“As a small business owner, it is amazing how much time is spent on admin. Since working with I’m Your PA, I’ve become much more efficient. I can focus on the technical aspects of my business, while I’m Your PA support me with everything else,” says Tristan.

In IT, emergencies happen, so you need to have your phone on you at all times. With I’m Your PA, I don’t need to answer every call and I can focus on the client at hand. They’re like my own triage unit. If something urgent comes in, we have an agreed system and they let me know – and I can deal with it. If it can wait, the team have access to my diary and can schedule some dedicated time for that client. If I’m running late or need something moving, the team can re-arrange my diary for me and I don’t need to get involved in the back-and-forth diary organisation process.

The team also handle my routine administrative tasks. This includes performing checklist type audits – helping prioritise where my technical expertise is best spent – monthly invoicing and debt chasing.”