Pinky Pals

Pinky Pals – May 2017

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Every so often you come across a real gem in networking and that’s exactly what happened to me a few years ago when I walked into a 4N meeting. At the time my HR consultant had just announced that she was retiring.
I remember the meeting well, I was introduced to a lady called Denise Waite who ran The HR Dept Wolverhampton, she was fun, friendly and professional all at the same time. I got talking to Denise and arranged a 1-2-1 for later that week.
When Denise and I sat down I realised she had the same matter of practical attitude as my retiring consultant and I just knew we would work well together – that must be four years ago now.
Denise has worked with our business supporting me and my staff, helping create a great recruitment processes that means we have a solid team. She has also developed bespoke staff manuals, training programmes and appraisal systems – she really is an integral part of the I’m Your P.A. business. As well as the face to face meetings, the telephone support has been invaluable
I believe it is important to have an HR Consultant on board, employment law can be such a minefield, plus the rules are constantly changing – fortunately I really don’t have to worry about that anymore, leaving me free to focus on running and developing the company.
One of the fun parts of working alongside Dense has been watching her business grow too. When we first met, Denise was a sole practioner looking after businesses based in mainly in Wolverhampton, now she owns the franchises for Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Halesowen and has a business partner Sarah Pearce.
For any business owner reading this and unsure as to whether or not an HR Consultant is right for them, I personally recommend this pair! In fact I have referred Denise to a number of my forward thinking clients, and every one of them has thanked me for the introduction.
If you want to book a no obligation initial meeting with Denise or Sarah either call me at I’m Your P.A. on 01902 585222 or why not take a look at their website.
A heartfelt thank you Denise, to both you and Sarah for all your on going support, I look forward to the next four years working together.