Pinky Pals

Pinky Pals – June 2017

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Holidays are important to us all, we have to take a break to recharge our batteries, but we also need to look after ourselves in between and make sure we are fit for those holidays, how do we do that? Please welcome Pinky Pal Linda Hill.
I met Linda through networking, much of my job is sedentary and I have spent many years ether driving or standing on an exhibition stand in silly heels, before that  was in nursing at a time when lifts and hoists were barely heard of – the result? I have a bad back, my ankles are collapsing and my hip is well dodgy!
When I first met Linda I was struggling to get up and down stairs easily, hiking, the exercise I really enjoy, was a thing of the past. What I love most about Linda is the fact that everything she does with me, is designed for me. My exercises are there to build my strength without causing further injury, Linda watches me like a hawk to ensure my technique is right, so the results are right and not harmful. People have in the past recommended that I go and join a boot camp, this would be the worst thing for me, I am competitive and would no doubt cause myself more harm than good. I don’t listen to my body telling me to slow down – I keep going until it stops me! That’s why I need Linda!
Linda is not all about exercise, the relaxation and meditation are equally important, changing mindsets regarding sleep, nutrition and hydration are all key areas we work on together. We have sessions where we check out my progress, measuring weight, body fat, flexibility, vital signs, hydration, lung fitness and plotting my progress.
The great thing is that the woman who first went to see Linda struggling to climb and descend stairs, now goes on walking holidays, taking on intense 12 mile coastal walks, enjoying everything I used to do years ago. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and I work to them. I am able to enjoy my life more and the quality has improved. I was not an easy candidate for Linda to work with as I don’t like the gym, I don’t really like exercise, unless it’s walking! This did not phase Linda at all, she merely adapted the whole program until she got me doing the exercise I needed in a way that I found fun!
For more information about Linda go to:
Telephone: 07976849942