Outsourcing – the way forward in 2020

2019 was a phenomenal year for I’m Your P.A. we increased our staff to a team of nine and now support over 160 different businesses. The beginning of the year has seen a massive increase on the types of work that are being presented to us, especially from the property and trades sectors. A recent “Outsource and survive” article written by The Negotiator highlights the need well.
It is predicted to be a very tough year for letting agents, it has been predicted that more agents will outsource in the busy times and keep things in house when they have time, this model works perfectly with I’m Your P.A. whilst we provide the full time cover the client only uses our service where required when all other staff are busy.
We recently changed the way of working with one of our letting agents, by training our staff to work with their CRM system, we are now able to deal with the callers queries direct, rather than send a message. Potential tenants have their details added to the CRM, can be given details regarding the properties they have interest in and viewings can be booked. The need arose when a member of staff left the team at short notice, recruitment and training is a lengthy and costly venture, but this system covers the gaps nicely. The cost of the service within the first week are less than £100, yet all work has been covered.
In view of the immediate success following teaching the UK based virtual staff how to answer queries, screen potential tenants and book viewings, there are already plans for writing up the property details for the sales and letting portals, organising check ins, check outs, inspections of rental properties and maintenance issues.
The clients response to the initial work carried out was “Fantastic! Why didn’t I do it before.
With process in place it is possible to manage a huge number of tasks remotely and whilst the hourly rate may be perceived as higher, the thing to bear in mind is that unlike an employee who are paid for time spent visiting the bathroom, chatting to colleagues and making coffee; our virtual assistants are only charged out for the exact minutes they are working on the job.
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