Networking Queen

Online networking

Wow! That’s all I can say about online networking, it’s great. Since the introduction of so many online networking events it has become possible to network anywhere without the dead time of travelling to and from meetings.
There is a danger of getting zoom fatigue and also getting lost in the crowd, but used effectively this new way of networking is incredibly productive.
Over the last couple of months I have been attending around three meetings a week. At least one BNI, that’s my new group BNI Crystal, then the UKNC online meeting on a Friday morning and a 4N meeting, do let me know if you fancy coming along to any of them.
Whilst it is great to connect with so many people, the real value comes from the 1-2-1s after the meetings. I feel it is important to identify at least one person per meeting to be able to have a proper one hour 1-2-1 and start to build a relationship, looking at how you can help them.
The other networking we have been participating in online is the social media, and it is certainly paying off, this month we have signed up more clients than we have ever done in a single month over the last thirteen years, so now is a great time to network! If you don’t know how to manage your social media, then I suggest a 1-2-1 with Mark Northall from, he runs some great online courses, or will manage your social media for you.
Do remember that when you are doing all this online networking, you really need to have a networking goal – what are you planning to get from it? Remember if you don’t know, don’t expect anyone else to know! If anyone wants or needs help with their networking I am always happy to have a 1-2-1, let’s make sure that whatever you are doing it is going to be profitable J