Networking Queen

How many people know you?

Those of you that do networking will no doubt meet loads of people, but do they know what you do? Do you know what they do? One thing that I was taught is think about what your client would say, because this is probably the pain that you take away……
It is much easier to remember the pain that people take away, rather than try and explain the intricacies of their business. A good example of this is with IT.
Many computer geeks will go into great detail about how they sort out RAM and hard drives, it loses me in the first few words! However, if you asked me to describe my IT company I would say they have made all the computers faster and now they also speak to each other. Everything was explained to me in plain English and the work carried out with no disruption to the business. We also know that everything is now backed up so there is no risk of us losing any data, oh and they have made sure that we are also GDPR compliant.
So how would your client describe what you do? Have you ever asked them? You may be very surprised at their answer!
The fact is the easier we make it for people to be able to recount how we make the lives of others easier, the easier it is for them to refer us on. So next time you sit down for a 1-2-1 with someone, why not ask them about the pain they take away, or how their best client would describe them. I have a business coach who I describe as changing my cashflow in one day and increasing my business by 112% in just under two years, when people want to know more, I just say “I can arrange for him to have a chat” – the rest is up to him to sort, I can get the referral, he needs to close it!