Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

It’s HOT!

Poor Rosie has hardly been out on any proper walks for ages now, it’s just too hot! Rosie keeps seeing people walking their dogs during the day on hot pavements, and wonders how they would like to walk the same pavements with no shoes on their feet! So the message from Rosie this month is please look after your pooches, they can’t take their coats off and they can’t stand the heat of the red hot pavement and sandy beaches. That said Rosie did have a great walk on Saturday, but not what she expected
Rosie is a keen networker, so being able to go on a netwalk was heaven, all those people to make a fuss and walk with her, not only that, she went back to the place where she first walked off lead, Pistyll Rheaddr.
Rosie, Mummy and three networking pals met in the carpark at 10am on a slightly cloudy day, the cooler day was much appreciated as we all headed off to the top of the waterfall. As the day progressed we were treated to sunshine, and she knew that Mummy had quite a few doggy treats to keep her going. By lunchtime everyone had reached the lake, and whilst it was slightly overcast we all sat down for a picnic on the hill, overlooking the lake – perfect.
With full bellies off we set, Rosie taking the lead, running up the hill as Mummy came plodding up behind, somewhat out of breath (Mummy really needs to work on her fitness!). At last, we all reached the top of the hill, a beautiful wide path, lots of grass to run in and a higher peak to aim for, that is until the storm hit. Who would have thought that after weeks of sunshine, at 3pm on 28thJuly we would experience a hail storm? Fortunately for Rosie a very kind lady, Tracey, cuddled down next to her protecting Rosie from the sharpness of the rather large hailstones, so where was Mummy? Mummy was dancing round in a pair of shorts shouting “Ow, ow” as her legs were blasted by hailstones!
It was a fun walk, even though everyone was soaked through to the skin for the walk back. If you fancy doing a networking walk with Rosie have a look on The UK Networking Community on Facebook, there will be another one soon. Other pooches are welcome on the walks, but message from Rosie – please can you make sure there are plenty of treats!
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