Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

I Love You Mummy xx

It was five years ago on February 8thsince my Mummy rescued me from the horrible cage where I had lived all my life. I didn’t like that cage, it was cold and dirty, and I was all alone, so when I got to my forever home and the first thing I saw was a big black cage, I peed and pooped myself!
It was very strange when I arrived at my new home, Mummy kept trying to give me things called treats, there were these funny step things that she went up and down to go to bed, she had to carry me up them as I didn’t know what to do. Then there was the day she wanted me to go outside with her, she put something around my neck that had what I can only describe as a piece of string which she held, I didn’t like it at all, so I lay down on the drive and shook, I was so frightened.
After a few weeks I realised that Mummy really did love me and would never let anything bad happen to me, so I let her put the collar back around my neck and we went for a walk together, it was wonderful to be out in the fresh air with my Mummy. There was a slight problem, we had to cross a road, I could see big cars, so I lay down there and then – Mummy picked me up and carried me.
Over the last five years I have spent nearly every day and night with my Mummy, I go in to work with her every day, I sleep at the bottom of her bed in my own basket, then in the morning I make sure I wake her up with a little bark and lots of big wet kisses. We go for walks and holidays together, visit friends, I even go networking with her, the only thing I don’t like is walking in the rain or snow. When I was lying all alone in that horrible cold cage, I never realised what it felt like to be loved, how warm and happy it would make me feel. Now I can’t stop smiling and wagging my tail.
If ever you want a dog, please make sure that you go and have a look at the local dogs home, I know I wasn’t pretty like a little puppy, and I know I had lots of accidents when I got to my new home, but if you give us rescue dogs a chance, we have so much love to give, just give us a chance like my Mummy gave me a chance.
I love you Mummy xxx