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A hike in The Grand Canyon – 4 years on

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I cannot believe it is four years since Iain and I took on the biggest challenge of our lives, so much has changed since then! I know some people have asked for an update as to what we did after, so with the re release of the blogs, I thought I would share an update.

Neither of us have ever really heard from The Welshman since we got back, I guess I was always hacked off at him, the fact that he put himself and us at risk, he hadn’t done nearly enough training to take on such a crazy hike – but it doesn’t matter anymore, he’s safe and well, and Iain and I achieved our goal.

Iain and I discussed doing Kilimanjaro, it never happened though! Iain went on to take up cycling in a big way and has done some really tough trips, including the Lands End to John O’ Groats. His children are now growing up and Iain and Val have taken on a catering business (well Val was always an excellent cook!). It wasn’t long after the Canyon that he stopped doing all his trips around the country with his coaching business, things take on a different perspective after a challenge like that!

As for me, I came back to a few issues with work caused by a rogue client. By the end of the year it appeared that I would lose the business and my house. It’s funny really because the Canyon taught me that if you focus on something you can do it – so I decided that we would sort it out – somehow! One thing I did realise on my return, I didn’t really have anyone to walk with anymore – it was different when you are training, now there seemed to be no purpose, that was until February 2014 – welcome Rosie my amazing rescue Cockapoo!

In 2014 I did Return To Practice so I could regain my qualification as a Registered Nurse, at the same time we slowly rebuilt the Virtual Assistant business, and throughout 2015 and 2016 we have grown it considerably and finally purchased offices earlier this year.

So what about the walking? Well I did a crazy challenge from Stonehenge to Avebury – that nearly killed me and it rained most of the day – that was my last 25+ mile walk! I still enjoy my walking, I was fortunate to meet a great lady whilst doing my return to practice, Tina is another single nurse who enjoys walking. having had a great trip up to Northumberland on a walking holiday with Rosie, Tina returned and rescued a Jack Russell, also named Rosie and now fondly called “Rosie Two”. Tina and I manage to get a couple of walking weeks in a year, all day walking, all evening drinking Prosecco, playing cards or Yahtzee – absolutely perfect breaks.

My brother has asked me back to the States on a number of occasions, these days I prefer to go places with Rosie, so we stop in the UK, although I am now considering getting her a passport. Iain and I met up the end of May and raised a glass to the fourth anniversary of our challenge – I don’t think either of us could have completed it without the other! What fabulous memories.

So if you are reading this and planning on doing some crazy stunt for your fiftieth birthday, make sure you research, prepare, prepare for all the things you don’t think will happen – they probably will, most of all, have fun and make memories, trust me they don’t fade.

So I guess all that is left now is to start the research and preparation for my sixtieth – it’s a way off yet – but I have an idea…………

To be continued in 2023 🙂