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Harminder & Parminder Chana – Pass The Property

We first started working with Harminder and Parminder over twelve months ago, they came to us for support with their small serviced accommodation business – and what a difference twelve months make!!
These two brothers have developed their serviced accommodation beyond anything I imagined, at the same time they have mentored numerous other property investors to get their foot on the ladder of the SA market.
Based in Leeds, the two brothers, both university educated engineers travelled the world through work and leisure, but found serviced accommodation to be a financially better alternative to hotels – the only issue being that some were rather poorly managed. Having many years of successful property management and lettings experience in the residential sector they spotted a market to help hosts – “Let us do it for you” – and… Pass The Property was born.
Pass The Property now covers around twenty five cities across the UK, but they offer so much more. Their first ever mentee secured 11 units in just 9 months, the youngest mentee was only 21 years of age and 60% of the mentees have secured units with £0 sourcing – not a bad track record! Another service the brothers offer is a property appraisal service, this service has ensured that many property investors don’t end up taking on non-profitable properties and gives all the estimated start up costs and expected occupancy and nightly rates, a real help for the newer investors or those targeting a new area.
These two brothers never stop, every property owner, every guest, every member of the guest services, management and cleaning team are all well looked after and treated with respect. I know these guys will be growing fast in the next twelve months, I am privy to a bit of insider knowledge!
If you have any interest in getting into the property market, these two guys are well worth connecting with. The website is
Harminder and Parminder, you are a joy to work with, your honesty and business ethics most refreshing, I look forward to watching you grow over the coming year xx