Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Happy New Year from Rosie!

First of all thank you to all the lovely people that bought me Christmas treats, I know I am a lucky girl because Mummy tells me some doggies never get any treats, let alone at Christmas. Just before Christmas I went to visit the patients at Compton Hospice accompanied by Mummy and lots of Santas and reindeer from BNI, it really was so much fun, and to be honest I think I was the star of the show! So I have been setting New Year goals too…..
I love spending time at Compton Hospice and going around the nursing homes, but sometimes they’re not allowed to let me in because I am not PAT registered, so over Christmas I asked Mummy if I could sit the test, guess what? She said she will pay for me and take me, she’s already sent off for the pack. I will keep you all posted on my adventures, I do hope I can go back to the Hospice soon

I also have a few other goals for this year, I did love my camping with my best friend Rosie 2 last year, so this year we are going to be doing a lot more of it. I have made Mummy book some camping trips in and we already have three trips booked that are a whole week each! I do believe I also overheard Mummy talking about some other short trips that we may be taking, so I can’t wait for the nice weather to start.

Christmas and New Year was a really fun time, apart from all the presents one of which was a new coat, I got to spend
time with friends and family, had my own doggy Christmas dinner, no mince pies for me this year! I even went on some lovely walks, the only thing I don’t like is some of these walks are very muddy at the moment, and we all know what that means – BATH TIME!!!!! Ugh
Doing things you love is important, I’ve talked to Mummy about this over Christmas, because sometimes I think she works too hard. So my message to all you other pups out there is to take your owners for a walk in the fresh air, make them play with you and this year see if you can find the big kid in your owner.
Wuff for now
Love Rosie xx