Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Happy 10th Birthday to me!

This month is my birthday! I am 10 years old on Monday, and Mummy and I are going to have a special birthday tea on Sunday to celebrate. I am so glad that Mummy rescued me six years ago, we don’t actually know the day I was born, but my rescue date was 10th February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Every day I count my blessings, I used to be locked up in a cage for the first four years of my life and never had anyone to come and love me, now every day I get to spend with Mummy and all my work friends at I’m Your P.A. Rescue dogs do make great friends too1
I know that sometimes rescue dogs like me can be quite hard work, especially when we have had several years without socialising with other dogs and people. I did get some time to spend with all the puppies I had, but then they were taken off me and sold and once again I was alone. We often don’t understand the importance of going for a wee or a poo outside and we have accidents in the house – it’s not deliberate we just have to learn. Mummy used to buy me toys, but I never knew what they were for. Now I understand better, so I do play with my squeaky teddy bears, the ball things are still a mystery though! My understanding is Mummy throws a ball, I run round in circles, then she goes and fetches it and throws it again. Mummy seems to like throwing the ball and fetching it, and I like running round in circles, so it is fun!
The last six years with my Mummy have been really good fun, we go walking, camping, play and cuddle up together, I also have lots of doggy friends now, little Rosie Two is my best friend, she is a rescue too, a Jack Russell and she barks a lot, although not as much as she used to. Rosie Two loves camping too, so whenever we visit Auntie Tina, Rosie always jumps in Mummy’s car, I am sure when we turn up she thinks it is holiday time!
Then there is Charlie and Lokki, they are both rescue dogs, Charlie Brown is a German Shepherd, he’s very well behaved, but he is very BIG! Lokki is dead cute although he came from Cyprus, so sometimes he doesn’t speak very good English.
We are all very lucky to be rescued and loved by our Mummies. If you are thinking of getting a dog, please consider rescuing one, we are very loyal to our owners.

Me and Rosie Two off on our travels
With love from Rosie The Post Dog xxx
Lokki and Charlie Brown basking in the sun after an afternoons play