I don’t want you to answer all my calls – just some of them!

We often get asked if we can answer some calls but not others, of course we can, we can do most things, so I thought I would share a few ways that it is possible to divert calls from your mobile or BT landline to another number. I recommend that when you set the divert you save the “Divert On” and “Divert Off” in your contact list so you always have it to hand.
Point to remember:
You must use the full number to divert to, include the area code
Divert On – all calls
*21*Full number to divert to#
 Divert Off – all calls


Divert On – if busy
*67*Full number to divert calls to#
Divert Off – if busy
 Divert On – if out of signal
*62*Full number to divert to#
 Divert off – if out of signal
Divert On – If you cannot answer
*61*Full number to divert to*10#
Divert Off – if you cannot answer
 In this setting the 10 relates to the number of seconds the phone will ring before it diverts to your chosen number, this can be changed but has to be set in increments of 5 seconds, so it can be 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds.
There is a catch with this one though, if your own voicemail cuts in before the divert, the call will go to voicemail. For example if the setting is 30 seconds to divert and the voicemail picks the call up at 20 seconds, the call will never get diverted.
This is a great setting for screening calls to avoid the time thieves, it gives you the ability to have someone else answer and you can call back at your convenience.
Whenever you set up a divert I highly recommend that you check it. We once had a window company who diverted all his landline calls to us when he went on holiday, unfortunately he didn’t test the divert before he left and he had not diverted all his calls to the number we provided, no, his calls were all diverted to the local NHS mental health unit, you can imagine the carnage that ensued!
You can still receive texts whilst the mobile is on, even if the calls are diverted.
If you want to check if the divert is on or off you can dial the *#21#, *#61#, *#62# or *#67# and you will be told the status of the setting.
Calls can be diverted from more than one phone, so it is possible to divert a mobile and a landline number at the same time to a third party, just check the third party has the ability to take multiple calls, if they only have one BT line and you have two calls coming in together, one will ring as engaged.