Pinky Pals

Covid safety systems

This month we have two Pinky Pals who are making a big difference in the Covid19 recovery work. Mark McMaster from Mac Security Systems and Stuart Larmer who supplies Touch Antimicrobial Coating these two between them can provide so many solutions for making premises Covid secure
Stuart LarmerTouch Antimicrobial Coating
This has to be one of the most exciting things to come out of Covid, a new coating that is guaranteed to kill the virus. The coating which can be applied to pretty much anything is brilliant at stopping the transference of Covid19 from light switches, lift panels, handrails, doors – literally anywhere that may have been contaminated by someone with the virus. As people go about their day to day life they happily touch these surfaces unaware that the previous person had contaminated them, they then touch their face and their awful Covid journey begins.
We know the virus can live on hard surfaces for 72 hours and there is serious concern that at 4 degrees in the winter the virus could survive on some surfaces for up to 12 days, the more places that are coated, the safer we will all be. The ability to coat these surfaces whilst in situ is fantastic and could easily save lives. As someone who contracted Covid back in April I am loving the ability to protect surfaces for months and years to come with this guaranteed virus killer. To contact Stuart please call 07401 988451 or email
Mark McMasterMac Security Systems,
These guys have not just got a thermal imaging camera that can detect the temperature of a person prior to them entering a building or an event, they also combine it with facial recognition. For me the exciting thing about this technology is the fact that people that should be able to enter a building can be preregistered to do so as long as their temperature is fine. If someone is supposed to be self-isolating then their registration can be suspended for that period of time. There are so many opportunities for this technology, especially as gyms, museums and events start to open up. It is really worth taking a look at this. To contact Mark please call 0121 271 0149 or email