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Coast to coast for Acorn’s Children’s Hospice

On July 11th I am setting out to walk from Bowness on Solway to Tyneside along the Hadrian’s Wall Path, it’s only about 90 miles in 8 days – but there is a good reason for it. I would really love your support (Click here) The walk is the same route Robson Green did in his Channel 5 documentary
In 2020 the young niece of one of our dear colleagues, Reece, lost her battle for life, the family had been supported by Acorn’s Hospice – and we would like to support Acorn’s Hospice.
Far too many children require palliative care and are often then confined to a hospice, the nine monitors we are aiming to fund cost £1000 each, and they will provide support to allow a child to spend time at home with their family or maybe even have a day out with other hospice children. At I’m Your P.A. we have already donated funds to buy one monitor and now we want to buy more. The coast to coast challenge will be over 8 days with walks varying from 10 miles to 15 miles, don’t worry I will be training hard for it.
The support I am hoping for is two fold. Anyone who can donate any amount however small by clicking on our JustGiving page (Click here) alternatively I am selling off parts of my body at £500 a time to carry company sponsorship.
So far I am pleased to report I have sold my right boobie to TL Martin Business IT Services, thank you Tristan Martin, my left boobie goes to Triton Telecom with thanks to Dean Billington, Recruit Recruit have bought my belly and Sarah Bishop has promised copious amounts of cake to ensure maximum exposure! Stepping Stones Web have sponsored between my boobies and there is plenty more of me to choose from!! All sponsors of body parts will be linked in the masses of social media we undertake and we will ensure that Acorn’s Hospice are fully aware of their generosity too.
For further information of sponsoring my body parts please contact me on 01902 585222 or