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Medical Practitioners & Therapists

Medical Practitioners & Therapists at I’m Your PA

When you’re with a client, you are doing personal treatment, the last thing either of you wants or need is to be interrupted with phone calls.

We’ve got that covered…

Time with your client is precious and exclusive. Interruptions are a distraction, no matter how important they may be.

The person who has put off seeing their medical practitioner or therapist for too long and has finally plucked up the courage, they don’t want to leave a message. They just want to talk to a real person.

Changing technology means that leads can now come from so many sources. It can be difficult keeping track of everything.

We’ve helped a long list of medical practitioners, therapists, and counsellors over the years.

• Dentists

• Chiropodists

• Podiatrists

• Chiropracters

• NLP Practitioners

• Hair technicians

• Laser Hair Removal Specialists

• Physiotherapists

The list goes on…

• We help many medical practitioners and therapists like you to run their business, manage their diaries and any number of other things. But above all, we’ve helped them not miss their important calls.

• Many of our team come from the care industry. That makes us uniquely placed to understand your problems and what’s important to you.

• Let us help you run your business so you can treat more people and support more clients. It will also give you more time for yourself.

• Make sure you never miss a call when you’re with clients or whilst the receptionist is away from the desk or whilst you are driving. Even on a Saturday morning.

• Let us help you with booking systems that make it easy for your clients. And customer relationship management systems to help you follow up when you have to. We also ensure that these systems are effective and used. We can work with your existing systems or set systems up if nothing is in place

• Your customer care calls can be made to generate leads for your busines

• Visitors to your website can chat with your own V.A. to answer questions and book appointments

• Your callers will never be greeted by a voicemail message during working hours

• Your appointments can be made or rescheduled when you are busy working or on the road.

• If you need someone to make your customer service calls, so your customers know you’re thinking about them, we can do that. All your proactive monthly/annual appointments can be made for you

• All of your email or website enquiries will be followed up promptly

• If you need someone to produce your quotes and invoices we can do that and chase the outstanding ones to improve your cashflow.

• We can give you uninterrupted time so you can get on with the things you want and need to do.




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