Busy, busy, busy!

Rosie posing for the camera!What a great month! We have welcomed 8 kickstart staff into our office, so this month has been busy to say the least, both upstairs and downstairs in the office are full now and thriving!
With Michele being out the office for coast to coast as the new staff were settling in, James has been the main point of contact for all the new staff, so he has been absolutely rushed off his feet! But he has took it in his stride, putting everyone’s needs before his own, ensuring everyone is happy with what they’re doing and more importantly knows what they’re doing! He has been nonstop and deserves recognition for all the hard work he has been doing. Also, we are very grateful for Tristan Martin at TL Martin IT Services for providing us with so many new things we have needed for the new staff, including webcams and laptops he is great IT support!
All our new kickstart staff are settling in really well and they are already showing great progression, they have all completed projects from various businesses, including Valeting, HR and Web design. So, whilst we are still training them in call handling, diary management, customer service and so much more, we are offering FREE work to our clients. We are asking for small projects that need doing for your business e.g., research, database cleansing, copy typing or anything like that as long as it’s not telesales!
If there are any projects that we can do for you and your business, please get in touch with either Michele or James (michele@imyourpa.co.uk or james@imyourpa.co.uk ).
We also have a newlywed in the office! Helen was able to have her wedding go ahead! We all celebrated with her, which was amazing, and the weather was perfect. Candice had some great fun on the surfboard simulator to! The IYPA family had a great night! Other than all the mosquito bites that we endured that night. Monday mornings chats were filled with insect bite talk but Jo saved the day with afterbite for everyone!
Michele has also returned from coast to coast looking very tanned (I’m jealous) and she has only gone and done it! She has gone over £10k on fundraising so we have 9 heart and oxygen monitors for Acorns Children’s Hospice which is amazing, we are all so proud of her for this amazing achievement!
To finish this month off Carol Bailey Photography came into our office and took some great photos for us so keep your eye out for those on our social media and website!