Tails of Rosies & Looby Loo

Barks and wiggles

Hello everyone, it’s Rosie again! I hope everyone has been ok and enjoying the warm weather! I certainly have – plenty of sunbathing for me! But not without my new sun hat that my Mummy brought me which I absolutely love because it keeps the sun out of my eyes!
So, where do I start? I have been up to so much since we last caught up!
First of all, ISOLATION!
Mummy and I had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19, so everyone knows what that mean’s – 10 days stuck in the house! Even though Mummy didn’t have it. She was annoyed, but secretly I was excited because I got her all to myself for 10 whole days!
I was enjoying soaking up the sun in the garden, but I did miss my walks and seeing everyone in the office for cuddles and treats. Mummy made the most out of it and was enjoying gardening whilst I kept her company. It was over pretty fast, and we were back in the office before we knew it, but not for long…
We were off again for more coast to coast training!
If you didn’t know my Mummy, Michele Ibbs is going to be walking from Bowness on Solway to Tyneside on the Hadrian’s wall path! She starts on 10th July for Acorns Children’s Hospice, raising money for heart and oxygen monitors which are £1100 each- she has managed to raise £5,540 so far!
So, for this HUGE walk about 10/15 miles a day for 8 days, we need to do some training! As you know from my last blog, we had been to Torquay as part of our coast to coast training which I loved but now it was time to go somewhere new…
I jumped in the car, and we were off to Alnwick in Northumberland camping! We picked my best mate Rosie 2 up on the way and we slept most of the journey, which made travelling time very short!
Whilst everything was being set up, I had a little nap on the cool grass (it is hard work being perfect) Then I smelt BBQ, that woke me up straight away, I pinched a few sausages they were so yummy!
Every day was amazing going on new walks with my bestie! We even went to a part of Hadrian’s wall that Mummy will go back to on the actual walk. It was a bonus that the sun was shining and as you know the sun is my favourite!
I cannot wait for the official coast to coast walk it’s going to be so much fun, because I’m not going! I will be going to my other bestie Milo – his Mummy and Daddy (Simon and Nikki) really spoil me – roast chicken every day, long walks and no end of cuddles
For now, I am back in the office, and I guess I need to practice fetching the post again. Plus, we are getting new staff too (which means more cuddles).
If ever you fancy a walk, let Mummy know and we can all meet up, – don’t forget to bring the treats though, ginger biscuits are still my favourites, I will love you forever.
Bye for now.
Rosie xx