Networking Queen

Are You A Failure?

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Often people don’t like to ask for help for fear of being perceived as a failure.
Business is tough, Brad Burton once said the beauty of working for yourself is you choose which 140 hours a week you work –when we first set up in business, that is nearer to the truth than we realise!
I think it is important to note that we all go through struggles, they may be personal impacting on business or business impacting on personal stuff – remember you are never alone, but you do need to reach out. Over the last ten years I am happy to admit that I have faced struggles, sometimes a bit of friendly banter is all that is needed, other times I have needed some sort of professional advice, but when the going gets really tough I have actually lost belief in myself and my capabilities, those times for me are the toughest. After ten years of networking I am so fortunate that I have some amazing go to people to help me through these darkest of times. When I am feeling totally overwhelmed by everything these special “go to” people are the ones that help to rebuild my self belief, because they believe in me, without them I am not sure how I would pick up the pieces.
My mother once described running your own business as riding a hungry tiger, you have to keep hanging on in there because the other option just isn’t an option! So whilst you are out and about, keep your ears and eyes open for people who are struggling with something, if you can’t help them directly, I bet you know someone who can support them – so why not connect? And if you are struggling please remember, reach out to your networking community, most will only be too happy to help, and asking for help does not make you in any way, shape or form, a failure