Outsourcing – anything for you!

Sometimes people just don’t get the power of taking on a Virtual Assistant, they seem to think of it as being very expensive, it really isn’t, with I’m Your P.A. you only pay for the minutes you use – that’s full-time cover up to 62 hours cover a week available, but our clients choose the number of minutes they want or need. Recently a letting agent came to us for additional cover, but they only need it when a client calls in, or if an inspection or maintenance needs to be booked. I dread to think of the cost if they had to employ someone for that time – just in case.
We asked our clients why they decided to come to us, maybe their stories might help someone you know
“I chose I’m Your P.A to assist me with answering the phone. The business was starting to miss out on sales due to being an owner operator. It’s difficult trying to expand your business while also being the provider of a service all at the same time. I’m Your P.A has assisted with this incredibly well.” Luke
“I am not always available to take calls and I don’t think having an answer phone gives the right impression as people like to deal with people. My business is not big enough to warrant a full time receptionist so I’m Your PA is ideal. Friends of mine have been surprised that I have my own PA for business and personal use and are suitably impressed.” Tim
“Fab company.
For all the technology we surround ourselves with, when clients can’t get us, they prefer the human voice.
How natural is that.
I’m Your PA does it with professionalism and panache.” Angela
“I’d heard great recommendations from the 4N Facebook group, and was missing calls and having to take more time to call people back. I’ve not looked back. We actually don’t have office phones now! We moved offices into a temporary office last year and as a temporary measure forwarded all calls to I’m Your PA and it worked so well, as we have mobiles that clients can call directly in any case, that we’ve made that the permanent arrangement. I trust the team to call people back for us to pass on a quick but crucial message which stops me getting sidetracked or distracted. Keep up the great work, you are part of our team!” Melinda
If you know someone who is struggling with their workload, or maybe they just aren’t quite ready to take on another member of staff yet, please do get them to give us a call on 01902 585222 or email in to info@imyourpa.co.uk.
It is also possible to see all our charges, terms and conditions and services by clicking here