Networking Queen

2020 Goal Setting

Networking can be very time consuming and costly if not done correctly, looking back at 2019 and seeing what we achieved will quickly show if it was productive, but who set goals? I can see that taking into account my time and the costs of networking that the investment of £10K realised a return of approximately £160k, therefore the goals for 2019 were well and truly met, however I still meet people who do not set such goals, so today I want to help those people to have clear cut goals for 2020.
The first thing I look at is whether my goal is:

  • Confidence
  • Education
  • Contacts / connections
  • Visibility
  • New clients

This year I am focussing on the visibility, contacts / connections and new clients, next I need to have some specific goals in those areas, so here is part of what I look at:

  • To grow UKNC from 7353 members to 10,000 members whilst retaining 70% engagement.
  • To post 5 posts per week into UKNC
  • To grow VANC from 424 members to 1000 members whilst retaining 70% engagement
  • To post 3 posts per week into VANC
  • To increase IYPA page following from 1085 (1097 likes) to 2000
  • To post 3 posts per week to IYPA page and get engagement
  • To increase TNQ Page from 242 followers to 1000 followers
  • To post 3 times per week to page and get engagement
  • To substitute at other BNIs once per month
  • To support Teachings of the networking queen group with three posts per week and one video per week

The above might look quite complete, but it’s just the overall goal – notice what is missing? There is no plan, the goal is for a full year, there are no stages, it is good to set a goal that is going to stretch us, but without all the different elements of planning and specifics, I am unlikely to achieve this goal.
Let’s take the first element:
To grow UKNC from 7353 members to 10,000 members whilst retaining 70% engagement.
To post 5 posts per week into UKNC

  1. We are likely to lose members, so realistically I need to look at increasing by 250 members per month, so around 60 per week
  2. How am I going to do this? I need more education to start with! So I will look at Todd from the Spaghetti Agency who offers so much online support has done a great video on how to grow your facebook group.
  3. Who are the people I want in the group? I need to identify them
  4. Where will I find the people? I need to shout out about the group – in the right places

As you can see the list is now building up as to how I achieve my goal, so setting good goals is important, but without the planning and implementation parts, the goal is just a dream!
If I can help you with getting to grips with your networking goals, please either follow me on the Teachings Of The Networking Queen or The UK Networking Community, just don’t waste your networking time, it is costly if you do