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A bit about Michele!

Michele Ibbs has been known as “The Networking Queen” for some years now. Having first started networking back in 2007 when she founded I’m Your P.A., Michele networks nationally with 4 Networking and BoB Club. Previously Michele has worked as and Area Director with BNI and a team member of the Property Investors Network. Networking is an art Michele has a real passion for, when used correctly networking can give a massive return on investment. Networking should be fun, it is net WORK not net-sit or net-eat and effort has to be put in to it to build those all important profitable relationships. Michele loves to share contacts, support fellow networkers and teach those all important networking skills that have helped her to develop I’m Your P.A. If you need support in developing your network, why not take a read of some of Michele’s articles – or even drop her a line or a call. A chat with The Networking Queen could make a massive difference in your networking experience

Tristan Martin – TL Martin IT Services – I hate being alone!

Tristan has been supplying IT services to us for the last couple of years, and I have to say he is excellent. However, Tristan has a secret – he hated being alone, and vowed to make life better for those people who are all on their own. One of the things we often come...

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Marie Pawley – The Olive Circle Foundation

Marie must be one of the most selfless people I know, between her and Maureen Bryan, they run the Olive Circle Foundation, fundraising, organising volunteers and coordinate the “Giving A Gift” campaign. The foundation was launched in 2015 and the founders decided  no...

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Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor

As business owners we often spend silly amounts of time working on or in our business – but at what cost? I hear only too regularly of people suffering with serious health issues, driven there no doubt by long hours, no exercise, poor diet, before they know it, all...

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Emma Kirkham – Emma Kirkham Glass

Emma Kirkham and Michele met through networking Emma is completely addicted to glass and Michele just loves her glass jewellery. Emma has designed two gorgeous necklaces in the pink of I’m Your P.A. and everyone comments on how beautiful they are whenever Michele...

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Pinky Pal – Dave Turner, GemPort Jewellery

I first met Dave nearly four years ago, I loved the quality of the bespoke jewellery manufactured by GemPort and noted the prices were very reasonable too, however the jewellery that they have made for me has quite a twist! Now I know we are in the month of love, but...

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Mark Northall from

Our Pinky Pal this month is someone who has been very supportive to me and my business for several years. Mark teaches and manages social media, he is also the Regional Leader of 4Networking in the West Midlands. For the last 5 years Mark has developed and actioned...

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Rav Verma – Contract Clothing Ltd

Ok let’s start by getting it out there – I am NOT a fan of workwear! Why? Because I don’t like shirts, T-shirts or polo shirts – they just don’t suit me! So why am I introducing you to a workwear company? Because Rav will brand ANYTHING!! 🙂 Now the beauty of...

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Todd The Social Media Cowboy from Spaghetti Agency

Meet the Social Media Cowboy! I believe many business owners struggle with marketing their business, and with so many “marketing gurus” out there it is easy to fall foul and spend a fortune. If you have a unique style you may want to do your own marketing – but...

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Adam Redshaw – The Geocaching Guy

Adam Redshaw – The Geocaching Guy

I don’t know about you, but before I actually met Adam, I had never heard of Geocaching, and yet it is one of the fastest growing outdoor pursuits worldwide! In a nutshell, Geocaching is an outdoor Treasure Hunt – and it’s fun! All you need to get started is a sense of fun and a smart phone. Download a Geocaching App and you’re pretty much good to go. The App will show you where you are and the location of the nearest caches to you, there are a number of free caches to get you started, however, if you get the bug, you can become a paid member and there are loads more to find! Once you find the cache it will contain anything from small toys, trinkets, pens, you will find they are hidden away and the container often camouflaged to make sure it is unnoticeable...
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