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V.A. Webchat

V.A. Live Webchat

Visitors to your website may come and go unseen, with V.A. Live Webchat we can find out what they are looking for and answer questions on your behalf. Our staff will work with you to compile a knowledge base to answer common questions and pre qualify your potential leads. Your visitors won’t get robotic responses, just like our call handling, there are no scripts, it’s all about real live interaction and relationship building. If we have access to your calendars we can even convert the enquiry to an appointment.

1. Visitors to your website will be met with a friendly member of our English speaking UK based team

2. Let us start building rapport with visitors to your website

3. After each chat the transcript can be emailed to you immediately

4. Queries can be answered immediately

5. Appointments can be booked for you whilst we are online

6.Easy set up and cost effective management

7.Capture the contact details of the visitors to your website

8.You will know which pages your visitors have been looking at 





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Tel: 01902 585 222
Email: info@imyourpa.co.uk
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