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Busy Tradesperson

Trades at I’m Your PA

We love our trades people! They were there at the beginning when we started, and they continue to use us as a support for their busy schedules.

We must have worked with most trades over the years…

• Gas Engineers

• Tree Surgeons

• Electricians

• Roofers

• Cleaners – the list goes on and on.

We started by answering the phone and taking messages. Before long, we came to the conclusion that wasn’t enough. Our clients had loads of calls to follow up at the end of their day. We could and should do more. So decided we should do something useful with them.

Now your web, phone and email enquiries are all followed up. Your appointments confirmed and customer databases organised, live webchat managed on your website. Everything is done to make sure business and profit doesn’t fall between the cracks.

Today we support over 150 businesses across the UK and providing them with the services they need to grow and sustain their business.

What we can do for you

• Your calls handled so you don’t get interrupted when you’re out working

• Your phone, web and email enquires followed up so you’re not faced with a mountain of paperwork and calls at the end of your working day

• Your appointments managed, quotations and invoices sent. Even the outstanding ones are chased up for you; no-one likes doing that!

• We can set up a customer relationship management (CRM) systems for you. This helps you manage your databases and stay in regular touch with your customers easier

• Visitors to your website can chat with your V.A. to ask questions about your business. Your V.A. can qualify leads for you whilst you are working





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